Our vision for the future


Learn differently. Education

The world of tomorrow will be very different from today. Are our children really learning stuff that will prepare them to deal with the entirely new set of challenges that they will face in their future? We don’t think so. Education (and nearly every educator) seems to be stuck in medieval times. There are huge opportunities for ideas that apply technology to deliver relevant learning and related services in a way that is meaningful and socially impactful. A huge audience is waiting with bated breath – anyone interested? We certainly are.

Take Care! Healthcare

Guess someone forgot to tell the healthcare industry that we are living in the 21st century. If you’ve battled rush hour traffic and triumphantly shown up at the clinic just in time for your appointment, only to learn that you have to wait another hour, you know what we mean. Disorganized, chaotic, call it what you will – the truth is that healthcare can do with a huge dose of technology. And we plan to play a big role in that change.

Money Talks. FinTech

The funeral is already planned and the coffins are on standby. Cold, hard cash is dying, followed closely by other paper instruments. Internet and mobile devices are swiftly transforming how we transact. The way things are going, very soon the only place you’ll see wallets and cheque books will be in museums. The world eagerly looks forward to innovative online and mobile payment solutions and we intend to provide them.

Only in Fairy Tales? Not quite. Internet of Things

Imagine how great it would be to own a device that wakes you up in the morning with that perfect cup of coffee. Or a car that goes and finds a parking space on its own and comes to you when you call. Or a wall clock that remembers your appointments for the next ten years. We can go on and on. Now imagine how much more fun it would be to build these smart devices of tomorrow! Exciting? You betcha.

Digitally Yours. Digital

Gone Digital and you love it, don't you? Don't we all? From booking a movie ticket to buying a dress to finding your ideal mate, the digital world has become an integral part of our life. The digital world gives everyone the ability to create and contribute. It closes the gap between the haves and have-nots with equal opportunities to grow and achieve, like never before. Innovative ideas in this space are like gold dust and the future will only get more exciting!


Mobileizing the future. Mobile

What's small, slick, shining and permanently stuck to the hands or ears of most everyone, everywhere? If you said mobile, you're right but don't expect any medals for guessing. Any child today know dat! Mobile devices and applications rule our lives today, be it communication, access, awareness, work, or entertainment. So, it's pretty obvious that big ideas in the mobile arena equal big business opportunities.

The Great Equalizer Social Networks

Ever tried peeling someone away from their Facebook or Twitter page? If you have and managed to escape with no permanent physical damage, you are one lucky gal or dude! That's how addictive social media have become today. And with good reason. They make people smarter, more informed and more connected and also have a significant impact in making things better. And they will only play a bigger part in the years to come.


Weapons of Mass Salvation. Security

Try taking a shotgun to a Trojan Horse or beating up an unpleasant Virus! Not gonna happen, right. Well, our point is that information has become the most important asset today. The amount of information generated and stored on a daily basis is colossal. And so is the diversity of threats to all that information. The need for creative solutions that keep our information secure will only multiply over the next few decades.

More is always Less. Storage

B to KB to MB to GB to TB to... Yes, we are speaking about humankind's unrelenting thirst for more storage. Who would have thought ten years ago that the desire to click and store 357 high-res photos every day would become a more basic need than air or food? But, that's the way it is. The world has gone digital. And the challenge is to create technologies that keep up with and find ways to satisfy this seemingly insatiable craving.


Analyze and Win. Data Analytics

Speak to someone who has had a near-drowning experience and they will tell you about the absolutely horror-inspiring feeling of suffocation. Well, you may be careful around water but that won't save you from the growing sea of data that you find yourself in every day. There used to be a time when knowledge was power; not any more. All anyone needs is a laptop or any similar device and an internet connection and they can get to all the data in the world.

So, what will be the difference maker? The proverbial edge? Insightful solutions that distil that knowledge in effective ways and allow us to take smart, quick decisions. Data analytics will be, for sure, one of the future's biggest drivers.

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