As they say - Seeing is believing. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Had enough of the pithy one-liners?; exactly our sentiment too. Anyways, by now we’re sure you get where this is all leading. So, why don’t you take a look at what’s cooking so far at Katabole? Here is a brief glimpse into our growing portfolio of ventures.

PurpleHealth  360 degree Health Portal

Globally, people are increasingly becoming more and more aware of their health needs and requirements and generally aspire to live healthy, happy, productive lives well into their twilight years. However, there is a distinct unavailability of information and choices. Therefore, the average person experiences a deep feeling of disempowerment. Cutting through this clutter and finding the right place to go to or the right service to avail, is a big challenge.

We believe that like everything else, when it comes to health, people today want the ability to choose and decide by themselves and they crave the right platform that will give them access to all the information they need to make their health-related decisions.

And that is what Purple Health is, in a nutshell. Purple Health is a 360 degree health platform, a doorway that allows you access to the complete world of health.

MyySkyy  Personal Discovery and Life Design Portal

People everywhere are generally frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled. They may have had dreams at some point but over time, society and their own demons prevent them from totally realizing their inherent talents, abilities and potential. This ‘dream-destruction’ generally begins at a very early age and usually (also sadly), it is the people who are closest to us who usually are the perpetrators.

There is a felt, and oftentimes, stated need for a place that will provide the information, the guidance, the opportunities and the associations that will help children break these shackles and realize their true potential. As this process expands and multiplies, a new world emerges populated by big thinkers who are future-focused, and who completely believe in the power of an unlimited mind. Who work towards realizing their dreams and goals, and becoming all they can be, unfettered by past conventions or societal pressures. MYYSKYY is that place.

HappZilla  Unlimited Good Times Portal

As the standard and quality of living in India increases, especially in Metros and Tier 1 cities, people are looking for more in life than just the average middle class concerns of buying a home, car, etc. They want to work hard and party harder and generally have a good time, whenever they can.

Happzilla is a portal which provides information, access and delivery services related to having a good time, starting with Mumbai City. We understand that there are as many definitions of a good time as there are people. And our solution is to bring together, under one portal, all the information that is currently available and also fill in the huge gaps in information that is currently not available in any meaningful, organized manner. Thus creating an incredible range of choices.

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