Ahoy! Unlimited Opportunities Ahead

We have a simple, crystal-clear purpose: pick smart people with fresh, disruptive, technology-driven ideas and help convert those ideas into big, phenomenally big, really, really, really big businesses, worldwide. That challenge and obliterate the status quo.

We script the future from a clean slate (or tablet, if you will). With technology that creates exhilarating experiences, we transform the way people live, work and play. Yep, we are here to make some serious noise and have loads of fun while we’re at it.


Where Money And Wisdom Meet Ideas, Vision & Plain Old Guts


Let’s say you have a great idea that you are really passionate about. Plus you have the vision to see it big and the guts to see it through. That’s where we come in and partner with you to fill in the gaps. Because an idea, vision and guts can usually travel only a certain distance without the right direction.

As successful serial entrepreneurs, we totally get the challenges a start-up would likely face. And we know how to solve them. We bring in exactly what you might feel is a big gap in your current scenario – starting with the capital. We organize seed funding or angel capital that helps you stay focused on your goal without having to worry about where your next bill payment or that extra TB of server space is gonna come from. Maybe you need added technical expertise; we deliver that. We mentor your team while you transform your idea from a technology prototype into a profitable, scalable business. We run go-to-market strategies and bring in the revenue. And there’s more.

The bottom line is, if you are the real deal, we will put everything on the line to make it happen for you.

Who we engage


Are you someone with a burning desire make it big? Are you the rare dreamer who won’t quit until you succeed? While others your age spend their time chasing girls and partying, do you lie awake at night feverishly imagining how you can impact the future? And do you have a disruptive idea that has the potential to do just that?

Hey, we get you (even if most people don’t) and in fact, we are looking for you. The world may laugh at your billion dollar dream; we help you make it happen.

Call us today and open the doors of possibility.

Tired of the Ferrari, the dream home, endless vacations to Hawaii, the Caribbean and Aruba? Looking for a new challenge, back an earth-shattering idea with your capital and help make a serious impact?

Well, you know that’s easier said than done. Very few ideas are worth your attention, most are not even worth a moment of your time. So, how do you get to the really great ideas?

Katabole delivers the answer you’re looking for. We cut through the mud and the blood and the gore, to find the few ideas that really deserve funding. So, if an idea has passed the Katabole test, then you can be sure that it’s the right opportunity to invest in.

Drool! Drool! Drool! That’s how most business owners globally react, when the conversation turns to India and its potential. And if you have a disruptive technology, then ignoring India could be the worst move you could make. Ok, maybe you already know that, but still can’t figure out how to get a shot at all that mouth-watering curry?

India (and South East Asia) can be a very tough nut to crack. And you need someone who understands the culture, the geography, the way things work and a hundred other things that make this region unique. Good news is, Katabole is exactly the partner you want. So, let’s get together and script your India story.

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