The Genesis


Katabole. If the word sounds like Greek to you, there’s a good reason. It is Greek! And before you jump to Google Search, it is pronounced ‘Kat-ab-ol-ay’. We prefer ‘Kat-a-bol’ though. Why? Because it just sounds better. And hey, we like you already; you seem the curious sort. So, Kudos (also Greek, by the way) on getting here.

Why Katabole?
Now that’s a good question. Katabole means disruption and also, laying the foundation. The genesis of an exciting future, seeded by technology and driven by possibility-thinking.

Sounds interesting? Come on in and get to know us some more.

What exactly is our problem with Mr. Status Quo?


Just so we don’t come off as complete misanthropists or sociopaths, we’d like to point out that we love this world and all the people in it. What we have an issue with is people settling for the way things are. Because that kind of thinking kills progress. And the truth is that Mr. Status Quo’s stability is a myth. We believe everything goes either up or down. In fact, the law of entropy states that left to themselves, things will only get worse.

What’s more, Mr. Status Quo is a bully and is great at making people fear change. Like all bullies though, once you face up to him, he usually runs. It takes a brave set of people to come along, shake things up and move them forward. People who decide “No! I would rather die fighting for what I believe in than compromise!” People who choose to create the circumstances in which they dream of living, rather than crib about what’s not working. Well, someone has to do it, and we figured, why not us?

Our Values

Katabole Values - Genuine


We always say what we think and do what we say. So with Katabole, what you see is what you get. You will never die wondering.

Katabole Values - Innovative


Creativity is primarily an attitude and then a skill. We believe great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere, and they usually do.

Katabole Values - Exceptional


Doing our best leads to ordinary and that bores us. Doing whatever it takes leads to extraordinary and that excites us.

Katabole Values - Involved


If what we are doing is not making the world a better place, it is not worth doing. We measure our achievements solely by the impact they have.

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